Foaming Honey Cleanser


Our hand blended Foaming Cleanser is non drying & super hydrating while providing a deep cleanse, that prevents bacteria build up from pore clogging products, excess oil, sweating, makeup, particles from harsh environments or if you just simply need a gentle cleanser that doesn't feel stripping to the skin.

Organic Raw Honey - Organic Castille Soap - Organic Aloe Vera - Organic Soy Lecithin - Organic Geranium Essential Oil - Organic Avocado Oil

Applying a dime size to dampened skin, massaging gently in circular motions & thoroughly rinsing with lukewarm water, in the morning & at night, daily, will reveal an improvement of your overall skin's complexion & any problem areas you may have.

Store in a cool, dry environment to preserve product's longevity

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