Hydrating Moisturizer


Unlike most, traditional, moisturizers, this particular product is non oily & non greasy, which allows for easier absorption, while infusing rejuvenating properties into the skin. We've formulated this moisturizer with particular ingredients that work, especially, well with, dry - normal, sensitive & problematic skin types.

Organic Moringa Oil - Organic Chia Seed Oil - Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil - Organic Lavender Essential Oil


Moringa OIl:
-Restores collagen
-Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
-Helps to retain moisture in dry skin [eczema, psoriasis] 
-Reduces appearance of acne scarring & dark spots

 Chia Seed Oil:
-Keeps skin looking plump, supple & refreshed
-Helps to maintain skin's overall moisture levels
-Reduce blemishes
-Naturally contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants & calming properties 

Pomegranate Seed Oil:
-Naturally contains skin protectant properties
-Improves the texture of the skin
-Stimulates blood circulation
-Aids in rejuvenating the skin with its natural antioxidants

Apply 1-3 drops of product to the desired skin area & massage gently into the skin

Use daily for best results.
When stored properly, ideally, in a dry & cool environment, product can last up to 1 year.

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