Hey there! We see you are interested in, possibly, becoming a part of our team & we're excited to have you!

We are currently in the process of expanding our company's branding team & a big part of that involves our Social Media platforms.

We are looking for candidates who are experienced in managing & creating content, efficiently, effectively & consistently, that caters to our company's brand & audience.

Our chosen candidate(s) will be in charge of representing our company, by building a social media presence for our brand.

Your main objective is to, run & manage our social media platforms, through advertising campaigns & drive engagement, by creating high quality, original written & visual content.

As well as, engage with our customers, manage our community by responding to comments & oversee our customer service platform via social media - So, it is important to familiarize yourself with our brand, in every aspect possible.

Social Media Content Manager Responsibilities:
Open availability is required, as this position will start out as a full time, performance based, internship.

It is important that we have candidates who are skilled in, scheduling & creating professional, clean & engaging, graphical content, to post on our social platforms, that aligns with what our company represents.

Good communication & writing skills are required, as an essential part of being a social media manager, is having the ability to express one's self, as you will be communicating with customers, on a daily basis.

We take our customer service very seriously, so it's extremely important that we have candidates who can converse & interact with our customers, professionally, with a warm & welcoming attitude & spirit!

Overview of Responsibilities:
- Creating high-quality original written and visual content for a social media campaign.
- Build a social media presence.
- Running company social media advertising campaigns. 
- Overseeing customer service provided via social media. 
- Monitoring our company brand & building brand awareness on social media. 
- Analyzing data.
- Responding to comments on social media. 
- Provide engaging content for potential & current customers.
- Be able to develop the right voice for each social media platform. 

Social Media Manager Requirements: 

- Have moderate to advanced knowledge of Social media marketing experience.

- Experience with developing a social media strategy.

- Experience working with & developing a marketing plan.

- Proven ability to build & maintain a social media presence. 

- Understanding of graphic design principles. 

- Experience as a brand manager on social media.

- Understand how to measure the success of campaigns.

Our plan is to ensure that the company is flourishing & growing, efficiently, so that more opportunities are available for our team members, which results in us being able to do & provide more for our customers & supporters! 

 Please provide as much information about yourself, as possible, that would be beneficial to our company & overall marketing position - Include any necessary social platforms, previous related work, etc. The more information, the better! 

 If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. 




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