Okay, what’s the deal with not using Shea Butter & Coconut Oil? Is there something wrong with them?

Absolutely not, while shea butter & coconut oil provide a decent amount of skin benefits, through our own research & personal testing, we have found there are more skin care alternatives that work even better, along with that, we understand some people also have allergens or skin sensitivity to Shea butter and/or Coconut oil. One of our initial forms of inspiration & motivation was to bring different & more beneficial ingredients to the table - 

We use a specific range of Organic and/or Cold Pressed Oils, that’s compatible with every skin type & most minor to severe skin irritants.Because of our main ingredient base, Avocado, Almond & Mango, our butters are very light [triple whipped, of course] - They do not clog pores or leave behind a filmy residue & is also easily absorbed into the skin, without creating a greasy texture that, Shea Butter & Coconut Oil tend to have. 

With the combination of our ingredients, our body butters, naturally contain skin protectant properties from sun damage & harsh environments, as well as, aiding in reducing inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, rashes & breakouts.Knowing what you're putting on your body is just as important as what you put inside of your body.Your body absorbs what you feed it, treat it well! 

My body butter products arrived with the oil separated & is slightly softened, why is that?

Please keep in mind that all of our [ButterMeUpGoods®] products are 100% handmade, made to order - None of our products are pre-made, so textures & consistencies may slightly vary but will not affect the product's overall performance.

Separation is a natural occurrence, within our products, due to the fact that we do not use any form of preservatives, binders or additives. If your product has any form of separation, we suggest either shaking or simply mixing the product to combine the ingredients. If you have any issues, please contact us & we’ll do our very best to assist you in any way.

Do you use preservatives or any additives in your products?

None of our products contain any preservatives, additives or any harsh chemicals. 

A major key part, within our company, is not only providing authentic, high quality ingredients but thorough information, as well - We are huge advocates of doing research & self testing before any product reaches our fulfillment team & customer's presence. 

 While we do understand certain needs & causes for preservatives, we, as a company, do not feel comfortable compromising the integrity of our product’s authenticity, we don’t believe in creating products that “never go bad [rancid]” which is what a preservative does, it stabilizes the ingredients for a longer shelf life, which can come in handy in some cases, however, we handcraft every item of ours to ensure the amount of product you receive lasts its preferred shelf lifeSince all of our products are Organically Sourced with no additives or chemicals, it is very important to store each product, of ours, properly. 

 All water based products must require some sort of refrigeration, otherwise mold/bacteria will occur unless preservatives are added for longer shelf life, which is why when buying commercial skin care products, that are water based, they tend to last for a long time, however, just because a (water or moisture based) product can last for a while, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's good nor safe for the skin, not to alarm you but just simply something to consider. 

 We try not to include too many water based formulas into our products, as we understand our customers convenience, however, with the small selection of (water based) products we do have, we specify their usage & shelf life. 

 While some chemical based products can work some wonders, we like to keep in mind that natural remedies have been around from the start & are just as, if not more than, effective as chemical based & tend to be a lot safer than most.Like we always say, what you put on your body, is just as important as what you put in it!

Do you use Fragrance Oils?

We do use Fragrance Oils, mostly in our body butter products, however, we do dilute the fragrance with a carrier oil, which is Organic Grapeseed oil. 

This helps to create a natural barrier between the fragrance itself & your skin, which lessens the chance of any skin irritation. 

 We also make sure our Fragrance Oils are Vegan & 100% skin safe. Our staff performs personalized testing to ensure each fragrance oil is safe for every skin type.

Are your products Vegan?

All of our products & ingredients are completely vegan friendly, with the exception of our Honey Cleansers.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not.

Can I use your products on my little one?

Sure thing! We have a lot of customers who use our products on their children, mostly our Unscented body butter & Honey Cleanser.

I’m new to this whole all natural, organic skincare thing. Where do I start?

We receive this question a lot & the answer is always different because everyone has different skin types & different focal points of their skin.All of our products are labeled by skin type. 

If you’re unsure of your skin type, go for our products that are geared towards sensitive skin.If you’re still unsure, feel free to email us & we’ll be more than happy to help!We always recommend starting with;

A cleanser 

These 3 categories will be the start of helping you to obtain & maintain a steady skincare regimen & healthy, clear skin but remember, consistency is key!​

How long will it take to receive my order?

As stated in our store policy, because all of our products are handmade, made to order, order processing can take 3-10 business days, excluding weekends, national holidays & shipping time. 

All orders placed on Friday, after 10:00AM EST or on the weekend, are processed the following business day. 

 Once your items are ready for shipment & has been received by the postal carrier, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking information. 

 Please be advised that, should there be any delays or postal service issues, while we will do our best to assist you, in most circumstances but we will not be held responsible for any packages, once they have left our facility & are with the postal carrier.​

 **Processing times, for all orders placed during the holidays or sale events, require an additional 5-10 business days

**Please take this into consideration, prior to submitting your order.  

I just placed my order & I accidentally put the wrong shipping address, can you fix this?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to modify any shipping addresses once an order has been submitted. 

 However, once your package has been shipped & in transit, USPS offers package intercept, which allows the customer to make a change in delivery address, while in transit or you may contact your local post office & have them hold your package for pickup. 

 Any order that is returned to our facility, under any circumstance, there will be a shipping fee to have your package re-shipped.

 No refund will be given. 

 Please proofread your address & order(s) before submitting.​

I changed my mind, I want to cancel/change my order.

It is highly advised that you are 100% sure of your purchase order, as we process all orders immediately.

 If you have not sent an email cancellation/change request, within an hour of your purchase, unfortunately, we will not be able to follow through with your request. 

 Please keep in mind, we deal with raw, authentic & perishable ingredients that have to be handmade, in order to fulfill your items. 

We do our very best to avoid waste in any way possible.

Can I return my items for a refund?

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to our perishable ingredients & integrity of the products.​

 All of our [ButterMeUpGoods®] products are 100% handmade, made to order, only to ensure you freshness upon receiving your order. 

 Due to perishable ingredients & for sanitary purposes, returns & exchanges are not accepted, so please be sure of your purchase before finalizing your order.​ 

Please feel free to email us if you run into any issues with your products, we will be more than happy to assist you!

My product arrived damaged, what do I do?

While we do our very best to package our products securely, we can only hope that, during transit, the package isn’t treated like a football. 

If you receive your package & the contents inside have been damaged, please email us immediately with your order number, name on the order, as well as, photos attached & we will assist you from there. 

 If you've received your item(s) & run into any issues, you have up to 3 days, from the time you've received your product(s), to contact us, so that we can resolve the problem.

Any inquiries, regarding product issues, that fall outside of the 3 day time frame, will not be valid for a resolution.

Do you offer samples of your products?

We understand what it’s like, with skincare, testing out new products to see how your skin may react but unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide samples of every product that we create, however, we do offer sample sets of our body butters, which are available for purchase!

How do I know what products will work for me?

If you are new to our company, we always suggest going for our products that are labeled “Formulated for Sensitive skin”, these products are very gentle to the skin & will gradually help your skin to become more receptive to change. 

We recommend starting off with our Honey Cleanser & Hydrating Moisturizer, for starters or if you’re a body butter lover, go for one of our Sample Sets, before fully committing to a full sized jar.

I have a nut allergy, can I still use your products?

Of course, most of our products, since they are handmade, can be formulated without the usage of any nut based ingredients we offer & your skin will still receive maximum benefits but as with any product, always do a small test patch first, just to be sure!

Do you have any discount codes or sales?

We do have occasional sales & any time that we do, we always send out newsletters, that will provide you with a discount code, so be sure to sign up & stay updated! You may also join our rewards program to receive savings on your future purchase orders.

I want to join your PR team, how can I do this?

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, simply email our Marketing team for all inquiries!

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do!

Please be advised that, all international shipping fees are based on weight, so keep that in mind when you are placing your order for small purchases. 

 Depending on the weight of your purchase & shipping method of choice- shipping time may vary between 7-31 days

Upon the arrival of your package, depending on your country's import tax law, you will be responsible for any custom fees that may apply.