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our luxurious body butters are formulated with a combination of nutrient filled butters & oils, blended into a creamy perfection. our butters are lightweight & absorbs easily without leaving behind a film or residue on the skin.

handcrafted without the usage of Shea Butter & Coconut Oil.


Don't be wasteful. Repurpose your glass containers.

Once you've reached the final swab around your glass jar of our delectable body butter, here's a few things you can repurpose it for:

  • Store your favorite hair ties, elastics, pins, earrings etc.
  • Store your makeup brushes, lip balms, glosses & more.
  • Use as a potting plant to grow your favorite herbs or flowers.
  • Once thoroughly cleaned & sanitized, use as a coffee mug or store food items.
  • Can be used for DIY home decor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I love these butters!!!

I waited for a bit before posting my review since I have tried at least 10 different butters and creams. All of the scents are lovely, but I do wish there were more detailed descriptions of the scents on the site listed next to the product especially since some of them have vague names like "pearl & lace." I had to purchase in order to figure out I wouldn't quite like them (no smell is bad just not for me) and gave them away to friends. For the scents that are more descriptive like "chocolate truffle" or "lemon pound cake" they smell *exactly* like the product name which is appreciated. I prefer the butters to the creams as they make me feel much more moisturized. I have fairly dry skin so applying the creams to my feet left them feeling dry less than an hour later. I really like the texture and consistency of the butters as they melt in your hand and can be applied all over the body. The scents last all day which I really enjoy. I'm excited to try the body wash and candles as my next product haul.

We appreciate your feedback Takeisha and we’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying your products. We do have scent descriptions available on the site under each product for your convenience and reference!

Will definitely be buying more.

I have sensitive, eczema prone skin and every other body butter I've tried has given me a problem, until I tried buttermeupgoods. I'm truly in love. And it smells amazing. Will definitely be buying more!

Love love love

This was my first time trying this company. I ordered the travel size body cream and travel size body butter. I love them both lol. Both are very moisturizing. I was afraid the body cream wouldn’t be moisturizing enough but they are! I’m gna order the full sized next. The body butter I perfect for winter or after your evening shower

Love this stuff

This body butter is great. One thing I don’t care for with other body butters I’ve tried is that they are generally thick to the point that they’re difficult to spread. This body butter starts melting almost immediately so it goes on really evenly and easily. The smell is really nice (I got Caribbean Goddess) but not overly strong. No complaints! Also the customer service at this shop is great.

the good stuff inside


Provides skin softening, soothing, moisturizing & protective properties — Great for restoring skin elasticity & reducing degeneration of skin cells.


Contains vitamin A, E, & B as well as, Oleic & Linoleic essential fatty acids.


A moisturizing, lightweight oil that absorbs easily into the skin with natural antioxidants.

directions for use:

Green Tea Leaves


application steps:

apply a thin layer to clean, dry or dampened skin.
massage gently into the skin.


shelf life:

when stored properly, in a cool dry environment, product can last up to 2 years.


add to your routine:

use daily, consistently, for maximum results.

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