Body Creams - Travel Size


We know you're most likely used to the traditional body creams that can be hydrating, upon immediate application but after a few minutes the "hydration" dissipates & you find yourself having to apply more to avoid that uncomfortable dry skin feeling or there’s no moisturizing properties at all, thus leaving your skin feeling unpleasant. No worries, here!

We’ve formulated the perfect combination of, organic ingredients, that provides hydration & moisturizing elements without the skepticism of dryness or that icky, greasy/oily feeling - If you’re familiar with our amazing body butter products, then you know our nourishing body creams are even more amazing.

Due to the particular oils & method we use to combine each ingredient, a little bit goes a long way without little to no need of re-applying, so apply sparingly until you find your sweet spot.

Organic Aloe Vera - Organic Steeped Herbs - Organic Avocado Oil - Organic Flaxseed Oil - Organic Mango Butter - Organic Chia Seed Oil - Organic Chamomile Extract - Organic Sunflower Lecithin - Organic Emulsifying Wax - Diluted Fragrance Oil


Chia Seed Oil:
-Soothes and protects the skin
-Supports skin elasticity
-Effective in catering to problematic skin types
=Supports maturing skin

Flaxseed Oil:
-Abundant in Omega-3 essential fatty acids & vitamin E
-Caters to hydrating dry, thirsty skin
-Moisturizes problematic, maturing & sensitive skin types

When stored properly, ideally, in a cool, dry environment, product can last up to 2 years +


Apply desired amount to the preferred skin area & massage gently into the skin.

A little bit goes a long way. Use daily for maximum results

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