Detoxifying Facial Toner


Our gentle & alcohol free Detoxifying Facial Toner, while great for every skin type, works amazingly for acne prone & oily skin, as it keeps acne irritation & excess oil at bay - removes toxins & bad bacteria that clogs pores & causes breakouts.

Simply apply this mixture to the desired skin area, twice daily or as often as needed, following up with our Facial Moisturizer and/or our [Shea butter & Coconut Oil free] Body Butters

Great for every skin type, no matter whether you have oily - dry - acne prone - sensitive or combination skin.

Please note: Tea leaf particles may be present in toner. Do not be alarmed, this is natural & is not in any way harmful to the skin

When stored properly, ideally, refrigerated, product can last 1-2 months

Apply Herbal Facial Toner to clean skin
May be used before & after applying your moisturizers & serums, as well as, before & after applying your facial masks.

Must be refrigerated to preserve its longevity


Organic Ginger Extract - Organic Green Tea Extract - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - Organic Aloe Vera - Organic Chamomile Extract - Diluted Fragrance

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