Hydrating Moisture Mask


For dehydrated, flaky or irritated skin, our Hydrating Moisture Mask is a major skincare necessity - With its key ingredients; Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Chamomile + Honey, this combination helps to obtain & maintain the moisture levels, within in your skin, while also calming any irritation you may be experiencing. 

Upon usage, you'll begin to notice your skin feels buttery smooth + your complexion will look even + vibrant.  

Gentle enough for everyday use.

Organic Aloe Vera -Kaolin Clay - Organic Chamomile Extract - Organic Geranium Essential Oil - Organic Raw Honey -  Organic Soy Lecithin - Organic Emulsifying Wax
Be sure to refrigerate facial mask to preserve its longevity. Face Mask may vary in color & texture due to the combination of natural clays & organic powders, this is normal & doesn't affect its beneficial skincare properties
When stored properly, product can last 1-2 months depending on the consistent usage.

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