Moisture Boosting Facial Toner


Handcrafted to infuse hydration into dry dull skin that has a hard time retaining moisture, which can result in dry patches on the skin or feels rough to the touch.

Simply apply this mixture to the desired skin area, twice daily or as often as needed, following up with our Facial Moisturizer and/or our [Shea butter & Coconut Oil free] Body Butters

Great for every skin type, no matter whether you have oily - dry - acne prone - sensitive or combination skin.

Please note: Tea leaf particles may be present in toner. Do not be alarmed, this is natural & is not in any way harmful to the skin.

Refrigeration is recommended for preservation

Organic Black Tea - Organic Raspberry Leaf - Organic Lavender Extract - Organic Sunflower Seed Oil - Diluted Fragrance

When stored properly, ideally, refrigerated, product can last 1-2 months

Apply Herbal Facial Toner to clean skin
May be used before & after applying your moisturizers & serums, as well as, before & after applying your facial masks.

Must be refrigerated to preserve its longevity


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