Lemonberry Tart Sugar Exfoliant


Awaken your senses with our Lemonberry Tart Sugar Exfoliant.
Infused with Organic Lemon Essential oil & a decadent mixed berry aroma blend.

Finely ground Organic cane sugar - Organic Grapeseed Oil - Organic Aloe Vera - Organic Lemon Essential Oil - Diluted Fragrance Oil

Dampen or saturate desired skin area with warm water - Apply desired amount of product to skin, gently massage into circular motions until sugar crystals dissolve.

Rinse thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water to avoid irritation, which is normal when exfoliating, as you're removing dead skin cells & revealing renewed fresh skin.

Our Sugar Scrubs can be used on the face & overall body even for the most sensitive skin. 

When stored properly, ideally, in a dry & cool environment - Product can last up to 2+ years

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